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Welcome to Air Support International

"Reliable parts and exceptional service"

This is the foundation on which Air Support International has been built.

Since 1996, ASI has been determined to exceed all of our customers’ expectations. In the process, we have earned the respect of many of our global partners. To maintain our reputation in the industry we have focused on three important areas:

  • Our partners - We are proud of the strong relationships that we have developed with our partners around the world. From South America to the Middle East - all the way to New Zealand, we are establishing our reputation as a global leader in the aviation industry.
  • Our customers - We dedicate ourselves to understanding all of our customers’ unique needs and wants; then we strive to satisfy each of those individual requirements.
  • Our employees - We are a family owned business that makes it a priority to maintain a pleasant and secure work environment for our employees. Our employees are the engine that drives our business.
The reason you should do business with ASI is simple … reliable parts backed by a company you can trust.

Wherever you fly you can be confident that ASI will get you quality parts that you can trust.

We specialize in providing accessories for the JT-3, JT-8, JT-9, PW4000, V2500, CF6 and CFM 56 engines.

1500 NW 62nd Street, Suite 516 ♦ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA ♦ 954.202.6244 ♦