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The ASI Advantage
ASI is an Organization with a Trusted and Respected Reputation
Since 1996, Air Support International has been supplying airlines and repair stations throughout the world with high quality aircraft parts. With over half a century of experience, the ASI Management Team has the knowledge to help support all your aviation endeavors. Companies like yours continuously choose ASI because of our reputation for supplying reliable parts on time and at a reasonable price.

Through our network of suppliers and consignment items ASI has an inventory of over 100,000 parts. Our inventory conforms to the most discerning traceability and quality requirements of airlines and repair stations. The relationship we have fostered with our vendors and customers has led us to be viewed as a trustworthy partner capable of getting the job done.

A FAA Accredited Aviation Supplier
Air Support International is accredited by the Airline Suppliers Association under FAA Advisory Circular 00-56A. The company’s clean and well organized facilities ensure spares are stored to specifications exceeding industry requirements while providing for the most efficient handling possible. We are fully approved and widely recognized as a supplier for many engine overhaul shops and service centers throughout the world.

A Reliable Partner
To ensure immediate and dependable delivery, Air Support International has full service sales department and distribution centers located in sunny south Florida and beautiful New Zealand. We work in partnership with you to develop and implement innovative supply solutions to match your needs and we offer genuine after sales support for our company’s products and services. Our personnel are uniquely trained and qualified in export regulations, importing and specialized crating and packaging. Whenever and wherever you operate, Air Support International will reliably meet your logistics requirements and expectations.

Competent & Innovative
Air Support International uses the latest technology to facilitate your logistic needs. We encourage initiative and creativity to find the best solutions for your product requirements and overall business needs. All-in-all, the Air Support Advantage offers a vast inventory of quality parts; it means long-term experience, dedicated people, and a commitment to quality, dependability and service that guarantees you the right parts–right now!

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